Sunday School
Leader: Bro. Greg Boles

Hello! Thank you for considering the possibility of a greater future for your children... one that cannot be seen through the circumstances that surround us today. But rather, a future filled with hope, with strength, with love. This is not a dream, but it can become YOUR reality - today!  Come and join us in an experience that can change your life forever. Find true peace and happiness in the promises that Jesus has made to you, yes, YOU and YOUR family. :-)

What is the purpose of Sunday School?

The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 to “Train up a child in the way he should go:  and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Sunday School helps fulfill this promise by providing a foundation built on Biblical truths.  Sunday School provides an exciting atmosphere, where children can learn who Jesus is, and how valuable they are to Him.  They will learn principles that will help them as they grow, to make decisions that are pleasing to God, and will ultimately bring blessing into their life.  Bring your children to Sunday School, and find out what Jesus can do for YOU!

What can I expect in Sunday School?

Each teacher prayerfully prepares their weekly lesson, that is tailored to their specific age group.  A day in Sunday School typically involves kids praise songs, prayer, Bible stories, crafts, games and snacks.  Other possible activities are puppets, skits, etc.  The older age groups generally include lessons and discussions that will help your young person as they are growing and learning to make decisions that can affect them for life.  They will also learn Biblical principles that will help them as they face intense pressures from peers, media, and other influences.


Toddler/Kindergarten ~ 3 years thru K

Beginner ~ 1st and 2nd grade

Primary ~ 3rd thru 5th grade

Middle School ~ 6th thru 8th grade

High School ~ 9th thru 12th grade

Adult Class for all other ages

Every Sunday at 10:00am

Transportation available